What To Eat To Boost Testosterone

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Bad Diet = Extra Weight = Less Testosterone

Recent studies conducted in Europe have showed just how the food we eat has a huge effect on the production of natural testosterone in our body. According to these studies, there is a direct link between body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and the production testosterone-deficiency-300x204of testosterone.

Bodybuilders and athletes experience any differences rather quickly, if the levels are reduced they can start to suffer from decreased strength, slower muscle growth and a sluggish sex drive. Usually muscle tone and definition reduces significantly as body fat accumulates.

If you eat the right foods, the natural production of testosterone starts to increase. This results in gains in strength and muscle tone along with a boost to sex drive.

Foods That Boost Testosterone

Garlic – allicin in garlic reduces cortisol levels in the body, which otherwise is known to slow down testosterone production

Beans, Pulses – they are a great source of protein, fibre and zinc. All these three fight with unwanted fats, give energy and result in testosterone level increases

t-300x225Dairy, Eggs – there are only a few dairy products that help with testosterone products, most dairy encourages oestrogen production instead. Some of the better choices are egg whites and cottage cheese. While egg yolks are known to increase the level of cholesterol, egg whites are a great addition to the diet of any body builder. Egg whites have a lot of protein in them. You can buy pre packed egg whites in cartons – this way you don’t have to buy full eggs and separate them.

Meats, Fish – as you know, meat is a great protein source. It also contains other nutrients that the body needs to produce testosterone. Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Beef and Lamb are full of the best nutrients. Beef also has plenty of zinc which is important for testosterone production.

Herrings, salmon, mackerel and other oily fish are perfect for men looking to increase testosterone. Oysters are also among the most effective testosterone boosters since they contain ten times more zinc than even the finest beef.

100% Natural Testosterone Supplementsimages

Going forward a good diet will help to speed up the production of natural testosterone in your body, you can improve your levels even further if you start taking a natural testosterone booster alongside a healthy diet.

A good T-Boosting supplement provides all the essential nutrients for maximizing testosterone production. And best of all you don’t have to take steroids and risk getting severe side effects….

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