The Causes Of Low Testosterone

Common Causes Of Low Testosterone 

depressedguyMales who experience even slight reductions to their testosterone level will see serious influences in terms of strength, how they can gain lean muscle mass, their recovery capacity, sex drive and increased body fat.

But yet, many men don’t know what will lead to low testosterone levels, so they aren’t taking steps to prevent those issues from coming into play with their lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at the main factors that you should be considering and altering about your lifestyle if they are in fact present.

High Consumption Of Alcohol 

As much as you may hate the thought of giving up your Friday night’s out with the boys, if you want to maximize your testosterone release, forgoing alcohol when you go out will be a must. While one drink every few weeks won’t have too large of an influence, if you are taking in alcohol on a very regular basis, it is going to have a very significant influence on your natural testosterone release.

Men who are chronically drinking are not only going to experience lower testosterone levels, but they are also going to have an increased risk of stomach fat accumulation, a slower recovery capacity, and will not maintain adequate strength levels – especially those after a night of drinking.


Too Much Cardio Training 

The next thing that can quickly impact your natural testosterone release is if you are doing too much cardio training. While modest amounts of cardio training can help your heart stay in top shape, too much cardio will quickly drain testosterone release.

Especially if you are doing this cardio training with your heavy lifting and verging on becoming overtrained.

Too much cardio training does no good for your mass gains or your testosterone release, so focus on controlling body fat levels through diet, not excess exercise.

Screen-shot-2013-11-04-at-8.33.09-PM-380x247Lack Of Sex 

If you are not getting much sexual activity, either with a partner or through solo self-pleasure, this too will impact your testosterone release.

This is a self-fulfilling cycle here because the more sex you are having, the more testosterone release you will see and the more testosterone release you experience, the more sex you are going to crave.

So you just have to get the cycle started and it should maintain itself fairly well.

Keep in mind that poor sleep and high stress levels also influence your sexual desire, so work on keeping those to a minimum so that you don’t lose desire because of that.

Poor Quality Nutrition 

Finally, you also want to be sure to get in good nutrition. Adequate calories, proper levels of 1357535874-belly-guyssaturated fat, and a good intake of zinc, vitamin B6, and magnesium will all be critical to keeping your testosterone levels where they need to be.

So there you have the most common causes of low testosterone levels. If any of these influence you, take some steps to fix those problem areas up so that you can see greater workout success.

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