TestoNuke Review

Does TestoNuke Testosterone Booster Work?

TestoNuke is a new testosterone booster that only recently reached the market. It was formulated and made in the UK. Even though it’s a brand new product, it is already becoming known for its ability to increase testosterone levels

According to the makers, this product can increase muscle mass, give more strength, 1plus1new_grandeimprove the quality of sleep, boost sex drive and reduce excess body fat.

The Formula

Makers tell us that TestoNuke is based on a formula that was specially developed to give users’ natural testosterone production a great boost.

The list of ingredients is disclosed and we are happy to see that those all too common phrases “proprietary blend” and “proprietary complex” are not used.

The ingredients in TestoNuke are:

  • Vitamin B6 2mg
  • Vitamin B12 10mcg
  • Magnesium 80mg
  • Vitamin D 200iu

There is also a Testosterone Enhancing Matrix amounting to 700mg

this contains the below ingredients:

Chrysin – the extract of passionflower is included to increase the users blood serum and help with testosterone production

Pure Creatine Ethyl Ester – increases muscle bulk after it is absorbed and doesn’t come with any side effects

5-Methyl 7-Methoxy Isoflavone – it is a proven ingredient that reduces body fat and increases lean muscle size

Rhodiola leaf & Gingseng – these 2 do a good job in increasing the natural testosterone level of the user

Taking TestoNuke

Take only 2 capsules each day – one just before breakfast and another one just before lunch. On workout days, take one of the capsules 20-30 minutes before you hit the gym.

Screen-shot-2013-11-04-at-8.33.09-PM-380x247What Users Say

There are a few reviews appearing on line, the majority are reasonably positive, with users claiming some improvement in muscle tone, strength and sex drive.

There have been no reported side effects

Buying TestoNuke

There is only one way to buy TestoNuke, it’s available online from the testonuke website where you can buy a bottle with a months supply for £39.95 ($57). You can save more if you opt for one of their bulk offers that come with free bottles and discounts.

Any Guarantees?

All TestoNuke orders come with a full 30 days money back guarantee.

Our Thoughts

Testonuke does at first glance look like its an effective testosterone supplement that does seem to deliver on its claims, that said..

What might put some users off is that TestoNuke does not contain many of the more common testosterone boosting ingredients that are well known and proven to work. There is no Zinc, Fenugreek, DAA, Tribulus Terrestris or Oyster extract in the formula…. the key ingredients found in the product are largely untested.

Because of this, we ourselves, do have some doubts as to just how effective it will be… It might suit some users….

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